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Episode 6 - Enemies and Characters
Aliens Ate my Baby Sitter

This creature can be dangerous, because it can paralyze you for a second if you are on the floor when he knocks his club. You can kill it with 3 gun shots. Also watch out, he can swing his club at you.

Watch out this five-eyed alien which can kill on contact. You can kill it with 2 gun shots.

A small yellow alien that pushes you around. Can only be killed from behind with a 1 gun shot.

A flying alien which will kill you if it touces you. It can be killed with a single fun shot.

A harmless fellow who just pushes you around. Kill it with 1 shot.

These bugs can only kill you if you touch their underside. These can also be killed with a single gun fire.

A smaller version of Bobba that can be killed.

Red foot that spits fire, jumps around, and kills on contact. It cannot be killed.

These 1-eyed fellows can be killed with a single gun fire. Watch out for them, because they can kill you upon contact.

A small thing which will kill upon contact, kill them with 1 gun shot.

A floating little thing which kills on contact.

Black disc with a little guy inside. Flies around and kills on contact.

Can kill you with his tongue. Kill it with a single gun fire.

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