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Date: 00:23, 3rd January
From: najawa

Message: Man, this site is great!!!

I really love the level maps!!!

I was inspired to make a Keen fansite too!
It seemed like almost every idea for a fansite was taken, but then I decided to make a Keen Fanart Forum!

You can visit it at

And thanks; this is a great site!!!

-- NAJAWA --
and also visit: to talk keen!!!
Date: 21:57, 1st January
From: Cibok

Message: Hi kyösti! :) .. Happy new year to you too and to everybody else ..

So far the security code has been working out nicely. I used to have to delete spam almost every day. Now I dont get almost any of it! :)
Date: 18:02, 31st December
From: kyosti

Message: HAPPY NEWYEAR EVERYBODY! (Hyvää uutta vuotta kaikille!) And good night. Yawn...
Well look at that. You've added a "Security Code" before you send your messages. Hope that will keep the spammers away.
Date: 22:05, 18th December
From: Diandra

Message: Hi, when I tried to download commander keen 4.1 Or what ever, it says I needed an install disc?
Or what exactly do I enter when installing the program
it says c://keen
what do I type from there?
If anyonek nows, you could you please email me? thank you
Date: 17:44, 15th December
From: Alex

Message: I love this game. I haven't played it for years, but it is so indelibly marked on my brain that I started thinking about it again. Thanks for the site - I keep updating my background with the maps, and I still remember every little intracacy, like when you know there's an invisible step because of the white dot, and I still know where a seemingly solid step is going to send you down... This was the best game ever invented.
Date: 16:25, 13th December
From: max polson

Message: 8) i played commander keen as a young en'. im only 19 but i remember everything, its the best way to be. if anyone can get me all the keen's to download mail me on

Date: 02:41, 13th December
From: Elle Keen

Message: Heya guys!!!! :D

I love your site~!

I used to play Secret of the Oracle on my cousin's computer, my 2 sisters and I were just awesome at the game!!! My favourite part was the ice part, though it was so long ago I can barely remember it!:cry:

Commander Keen has to be my favourite video game! Kudos toy ou guys for keeping it alive!

Elle Keen~

P.S. My real last name is actually Keen, can you beleive it? I guess this is why we discovered the game in the first place!!! :D
Date: 11:17, 12th December
From: Brian

Message: Commander Keen 1, 4, and Dreams, were all shareware, meaning that they are distributable without needing to pay, in the hopes that you would then buy the other games.

Good site, too.

Date: 08:54, 12th December
From: hanna

Message: Yes I know, does it cost anything?
Date: 13:24, 11th December
From: Cibok

Message: You can download a demo version of episode 4 from the downloads page!
Date: 09:31, 9th December
From: Hanna

Message: is commander keen 4 freeware or not.It's my favorite game, but i can't found it in the net, can anybody help me,please?

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